Private Instruction

I offer private workshops consisting of guidance to photography locations, one on one time in the field, and instruction on all aspects concerning landscape photography. We will cover topics such as composition, exposure bracketing, focus stacking, and many other advanced techniques. I will also teach you my techniques on post-processing images in between shoots and scouting. Locations available are Algarve (Portugal), Iceland, Tenerife (Spain) and the Canadian Rockies. I can also conduct workshops in other areas. Contact me for more details.

The cost is $300 per person, per day plus any travel expenses. Any additional person is another $175 per person, per day, up to 2 people.

Please contact me with questions or to inquire about booking a workshop.

I also offer private instruction online via Skype where I can share my computer screen directly to you and show you detailed instruction on how I go about processing one of my images or your own from start to finish in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. 

Techniques you will learn: RAW processing, working with adjustment layers, working with pixel layers, layer masks, working with selections, color theory, luminosity selections, dodging and burning, photo cleanup and retouching, transforming and warping, rebalancing composition, working with smart objects, exposure blending, focus stacking, focal length blending, local contrast and exposure and more. 

My rate is $50 per hour, I recommend at least two hours for a session as this allows us to cover most of my workflow at a pace that is easily followed and allows time for discussion on the process and theory of each technique. 

The sessions offer a great deal of information, but are a ton of fun! It's one of my favorite things I get the opportunity to do.

Please contact me for further information or to book a session!