About Troy Crowder

Welcome! First off, I'd like to thank you for your interest in my work. I am an active duty Navy Diver based in the Andalucian region of Southwestern Spain. I was born in California, USA. I have enjoyed the art of photography since first taking classes in high school. I had the opportunity to shoot film in 2006 and moved to digital in 2007. After that, I joined the Navy to become a Diver. Over the next ten years I would carry a point and shoot to document my travels and experiences. Wanting more from my photography, I purchased my DSLR in 2018, since then I have spent a considerable amount of time working on my craft and honing in my creative vision. 

Living in Southwestern Spain, the Algarve region of Portugal lies only three hours west of where I live, which a good amount of my portfolio comes from. I love to create images that speak to me. I process my images to bring back the feeling I had while there. Often dark, dramatic, a bit mysterious and an emphasis on what the light was doing. This is the feeling I want my viewers to experience as well. Thank you for taking the time to go on this journey with me. Enjoy!